Renée Bianchi appointed as President of the Women Lawyers Association of NSW

Renée joined the Executive Committee of the Women Lawyers Association of NSW (WLANSW) in November 2018 and was the chair of its Equitable Briefing Policy subcommittee. She is looking forward to continuing this work, as well as the general advancement of women within all facets of the legal profession, and increasing the profile of WLANSW […]

Jane Needham SC: “When the law deserts its women, they desert the law”

Jane Needham SC has written an article for the Sydney Morning Herald, commenting on sexual harassment in the legal profession.

Susan Phillips in Federal Court Decision

Susan Phillips recently appeared as Junior Counsel in the Federal Court in the matter of George on behalf of the Gkuthaarn and Kukatj v State of Queensland [2020] FCA 1310. In an interview with the ABC, Phillips stated that “This particular claim commenced in November 2012, but the people have been seeking recognition of their native […]

Hugh Morrison to speak at the Blue Mountains Law Society Succession Conference 11 September 2020

The paper was titled “Life Cycle of a Family Provision Claim in NSW: A Practical Walkthrough” and was authored with Patricia Muscat.

Jane Needham SC to speak on panel at Macquarie Group regarding Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession

In recent months, sexual harassment in the legal profession has been making headlines in Australia, and for many this has been difficult to comprehend. With sexual harassment inflicting such harm to women and equality, as well as to workplace culture and society as a whole, what can we do about its pernicious presence within our […]

Doyle’s Guide 2020

13 St James Hall wishes to congratulate the following Floor members who have been listed in the Doyle’s rankings:  Leading Native Title Barristers Junior Counsel – Australia, 2020 Preeminent – Susan Phillips  Leading Wills & Estates Litigation Senior Counsel – New South Wales, 2020 Preeminent – Jane Needham SC Leading – Michael Willmott SC Leading […]

Jane Needham SC Speaks on Sexual Harrassment in the Legal Profession

Jane Needham SC participated in a panel on 21 July 2020 convened by Professor Louise Chappell of the Australian Human Rights Institute of UNSW Law on sexual harassment in the legal profession. Fran Kelly of ANC Radio moderated, and fellow panellists included Professor Andrea Durbach, Adrienne Morton, and Dr Kasey McLoughlin.

Nicholas Simpson Releases Book

The book titled, The Law of Bankruptcy Notices and Creditors’ Petitions, explains the applicable laws and procedures under the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Cth), the Bankruptcy Regulations 1996, the Federal Court (Bankruptcy) Rules 2016 and the Federal Circuit Court (Bankruptcy) Rules 2016 relevant to bankruptcy notices and creditor’s petitions. Also discussed are the recent changes to […]

Michelle Castle in historic High Court decision regarding the Chorley exception

Michelle Castle, a member of 13th Floor St James Hall, recently appeared as junior counsel in the High Court in the matter of Bell Lawyers v Pentelow [2019] HCA29.  In an historic decision, the High Court held that the Chorley exception is not part of the common law of Australia. The decision can be found […]

Jane Needham SC to present the annual NSW Young Lawyers State of the Profession Address 19 September 2019

On September 19 at the Law Society of NSW, Jane Needham SC will present the annual NSW Young Lawyers State of the Profession Address. Jane will be delving into the topic of ‘how to be a good lawyer’ in 2019. Date: Thursday 19 September 2019 Time: 6-8pm  Venue: The Law Society of NSW, 170 Phillip Street, Sydney […]