Jane Needham SC Presents at The Tax Institute – Women in Tax Luncheon

Posted on 08/30/12

The Women in Tax lunch aims to provide an avenue for networking, mentoring and learning from the perspective of women. This session will provide attendees with opportunities to ask questions and network with other participants.

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Nicholas Nicholls speaks on “Briefing barristers for maximum benefits” at City of Sydney Law Society

Posted on 08/30/12

When: Wednesday 5 September 2012, 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Where: Level 3, 115 Pitt Street Sydney.

Solicitors and barristers are each experts in their professional disciplines and bring different but equally important skills in advancing their client’s cause. This talk will focus more on the practical aspects of briefing barristers to get the most out of the solicitor barrister relationship as well as some legal principles which govern that relationship.

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Jane Needham SC, (Modesty holding women back, Lawyers Weekly, 19 July 2012).

Posted on 07/24/12

Jane Needham SC, (Modesty holding women back, Lawyers Weekly, 19 July 2012) told a roomful of legal dignitaries that women should not be afraid to highlight their achievements when applying for senior positions.


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Michael Willmott SC a panel member for Will Awareness Day 2012

Posted on 07/18/12

Should people make provision in their wills for their adult children?

Most people would agree that a person making a will should provide for their spouse and any children who are young or dependant on them. But what about adult children?

We have all heard of cases where adult children have made claims in Court on the basis that either their parents did not provide for them in their wills, or did not provide enough.

Parents who wish to make a will leaving little or no provision for their children will be warned by their solicitor that they are running the risk of the child bringing a court action claiming provision, which could end up costing the estate a lot of money.

The parent might then ask the solicitor: “Why bother making a will when a will can be contested?”

Join us for a free Will Awareness Day panel discussion in Sydney on 10 August 2012.

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Susan Phillips Presents “Native Title Negotiations From An Indigenous Perspective”

Posted on 07/18/12

Date: Friday, 31 August 2012
Time: 9.00am to 1.15pm
Venue: The Grace Sydney, 77 York Street, Sydney

Susan Phillips presents “Native Title Negotiations From An Indigenous Perspective”at Native Title: Negotiation and Mediation Seminar

Topics will cover

  • Perceptions and expectations of traditional land owners with regards to Native Title negotiations
  • Advice on identifying/resourcing Native Title applicants
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Simon Chapple speaks at City of Sydney Law Society

Posted on 06/28/12

Seminar: Issues when drafting Caveats and seeking their removal
When: Wednesday 1 August 2012, 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Where: Level 3, 115 Pitt Street Sydney.

The topic will cover:

– When to lodge a caveat and how to protect your interest if you don’t have a ‘caveatable interest’;

– Common mistakes that are made when drafting caveats and their consequences;

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François Salama presents at City of Sydney Law Society

Posted on 06/27/12

Seminar: Urgent Injunctive relief in the Supreme Court
When: Wednesday 4 July 2012, 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Where: Level 3, 115 Pitt Street Sydney.

How to run a successful interlocutory injunction – this seminar will discuss in brief, what the appropriate practice and procedure is in seeking urgent injunctive relief in the Equity Duty Judge list.

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Jeremy Morris speaks at City of Sydney Law Society

Posted on 06/22/12

In many civil and criminal cases success depends on being able to procure expert opinion that is admissible or being able to exclude expert opinion that is not.  The High Court had recently revisited the basic requirements of admissibility and provided a critical template to determine the distinction between admissibility and weight (Dasreef v Hawchar […]

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Keynote Address: Jane Needham SC

Posted on 06/12/12

Time & Date of Seminar: 9.30am to 2.30pm on Tuesday 19 June 2012

Venue: The College of Law City, St James Centre

Topic of Seminar: Returning to Practice: Making it all Work

In December 2011 the Law Society of New South Wales released a report entitled “Advancement of Women in the Profession”. This event is inspired by the findings and recommendations of this report. This program is specially designed to assist women who are returning to practice or who are planning to take a break in the near future.

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Howard Packer speaking at City of Sydney Law Society

Posted on 05/21/12

Time & Date of Seminar: 5:30pm on Wed. 13th June, 2012

Venue: Level 3, 115 Pitt St, Sydney (between Hunter St & Martin Place)

Topic of Seminar: “Criminal Law Issues: Section 138 of the Evidence Act

(excluding improperly of illegally obtained evidence in criminal trials) and

Section 32 of the Mental Health (Forensic Procedures) Act (dismissal on

referral to counsellor)”

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